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Local Context For Your App

Indoor Location made easy: The bluebee technology introduces Proximity Based Services, eliminating the need to maintain maps and perform complex geospatial queries.
 How does it work?

bluebee has been designed with creative engineers in mind - integrating it into your app is easier than using stock maps!
 How do I start?

Time-to-Market meets Cost Efficiency

High integration speed and low exposed complexity bring local context to your app easier than ever.
 It's your best choice

How bluebee works

Simply brilliant

bluebee adds reliable local context to your app in three easy steps:

  1. bluebee Beecons broadcast a unique identifier within a 10-20 Meter radius via Bluetooth
  2. When in range, the bluebee SDK integrated into your app receives the unique identifier
  3. After a lookup in the bluebee Cloud by the SDK, your app knows the local context of your user

This enables a whole new class of apps: We call them Proximity Based Services.

Key properties

The bluebee technology has been built to bring local context to the masses.

  • Beecons are compatible with a broad range of smartphones, supporting iPhone 3G+ and Android 2.3+ devices with Bluetooth capabilities
  • Beecons are configuration and maintenance free
  • Beecons are optimized for quick and reliable discovery - no Bluetooth pairing required
  • Unique identifiers are protected against easy copying and fraud

Your users won't even notice bluebee is based on Bluetooth.

How you start


Simply place a Beecon* at a spot to mark the local context around it, plug it in the mains and you're good to go. Beecons can be used as indoor location technology, but also for enhancing mobile spots like vehicles with local context.


The bluebee SDKs for iOS and Android feature simple listener interfaces - all you need to code is one single callback! You will be passed an identifier for the current local context of the user.

Just choose the best place in your app to start (and stop) scanning for Beecons, and let the bluebee SDK do the work.

No need for map lookups: The local context of the user will - literally - come to your app.

Be creative!

What can your app do if it knows the local context of your user (instead of guessing it by coordinates)? Deliver information, provide check-ins, access restricted resources, securely share stuff with people in the same context, sell goods or give coupons to an on-site audience, order drinks, ... - the possibilities are endless!

*We offer a variety of form factors, including battery-operated Beecons.

bluebee Beecon

Beecons* require nothing more than a power outlet

Why bluebee

The bluebee technology has been field-proven at events exceeding 5000 participants - more stress than in most other real world situations.

  • 12. Management Forum of finanz informatik technologie service12th Management Forum of finanz informatik technologie service
  • itSMF JahreskongressitSMF annual meeting
  • TEDx RheinMainTEDx RheinMain
  • Frankfurt WebmondayFrankfurt Webmonday
  • CloudOps SummitCloudOps Summit
  • Barcamp RheinMainBarcamp RheinMain
  • Barcamp StuttgartBarcamp Stuttgart
  • Rhein Neckar WebmondayRhein Neckar Webmonday
  • droidcon Berlin 2013droidcon Berlin 2013
  • CFP & Founders Forum 2013CFP & Founders Forum 2013
  • re:publica 13re:publica 13

It's bluebee's unique approach of using Bluetooth to transmit a unique identifier only that provides this unparalleled level of scalability.

Plus, the bluebee solution is industry leading in terms of on site setup and teardown: There's no signal fingerprinting, no floor layouting, no configurations. Adding the simple integration into existing apps makes bluebee your number one choice for time-to-market and setup costs!

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Excited about the new possibilities that the bluebee Proximity Based Services technology brings to your app? Get in touch so we get you going quickly!

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